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What you need to know....

You just got into an accident. You're stressed out, adrenaline is pumping and your not sure what to do. Once everything calms down you realize how much damage was done to your vehicle (and hopefully no one injured). What do you do now?? Naturally you call your insurance company right?  

Call us first! We will walk you through the steps and make sure you don't get steered to a shop that doesn't have your best interest at heart! 

But what do you do after you call your insurance company? 

Most insurance companies may recommend a shop for you to take your vehicle to. These are called "Direct Repair Partners" (DRP) . So what does that mean? In short, these are companies that have signed up to work with certain insurance companies and agree to a set hourly rate  (typically lower than the average rate), cheap counterfeit parts, used parts that may have been damaged or bad body and paint work, etc.  It doesn't sound too bad does it? However, what happens often is that these rates are usually so low that some businesses find themselves not making enough money off these jobs and eventually find ways to still make a profit off the work. Downside...that usually means cutting corners. Things maybe not being fixed, or fixed properly (to OEM standards).  Or only doing work that the insurance company will cover and not repairing properly.  In the end, they end up working for the insurance company instead of the you, the customer!

Now, you do not have to take your vehicle to these Direct Repair Partners. You have the right to take your car where ever it is that you want. Whether that be a dealership that you have a close relationship to, someone that your family has known for a long time, or even somewhere new.  Your car will still be covered by your insurance company!

What makes us different?

First, we are not associated with any insurance company as a Direct Repair Partner. 
Second, we work for YOU  not the insurance company. 
Our priority is that you car is repaired to as close as possible to pre-accident condition. And is safe for you and your family to continue driving in. 

One of the ways we are sure that this is done is by checking OEM procedures/standards.  These are tools and guidelines from the manufacturers on how they recommend we check certain areas for damage and proper ways to repair them. 

What does this mean for you? You can trust that we do our best to make sure every aspect is evaluated since there are often times damage that is done below the surface or can't be seen (such as a damage seat belt or airbag).  Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not "cover" these repairs. Which means that the balance may be left for you to cover (above your deductible). But you can typically contact your insurance company afterwards for 


Our policy is to repair your vehicle properly and safely. We will not lower our standards based on the insurance company. 

Collision/Insurance Work